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            More Professional, More reliable

            12 Years Experience

            We focus on the connector manufacturer for more than 12 years and have ability to offer customized solution based on different application.

            Great Technical Support

            Our engineers have rich experience to deal with customers’ demand and will support you all time for different design and performance requirement.

            Competitive Pricing

            We get cost advantage from?complete?supply chain system of electrical manufacturing at Shenzhen to offer you products with competitive price.?

            One Year Guarantee

            With a 12 months quality guarantee?for all items to ensure your no worries about quality and stability. The customer’s?benefit is first.

            OEM Acceptable

            Our great technical team have rich experience to help you make customized product, and will offer you suggestions?from the?viewpoint of production.?

            Fast Delivery

            We have a person responsible for handling packing and shipping to ensure you get products with right quantity, minimum of time and lowest cost.

   is a department of Renhotec Group Ltd focuing on professional connectors, cable assemblies for harsh environment, especial for Industrial or Military use. Our goals is to provide high performance connectors and cables with reliable quality and reasonable price.

            Our main products include M series, GX series, waterproof USB/ RJ45, Mil D-sub, Solar Connector, Optical fiber Connector, etc. More series will launch according to your feedback.

            manufacturing renhotec

            Standard & OEM Connector Supplier

            With over 12 years experience on electronic manufacturing, RenhotecPRO make professional connectors for both industrial, military, new energy area application with reliable quality.

            package renhotec

            Packing for Warehouse Management

            Packing with labels to mark Item No., Quantity, Net Weight, Date of production, Place of Origin for easy identification and smart warehouse management.

            support team renhotec

            Professional Sales & Technical Support

            Professional team here to offer you sales and technical support timely. We love to help you find the most suitable solution based on application and environment requirement.